MORPHEOS at the Club de Estrategias del Hábitat

The Club de Estrategias del Hábitat (Home Furnishings and Accessories Strategies Club in English) is a service offered by AIDIMME and focused on the market innovation. This service is oriented towards company managers in the home furnishing and accessories sectors.

This event is open to all companies in the value chain (manufacturers, suppliers and distributors). The involved members meet twice a year to discuss about topics such as the market evolution and the competitive status in the sector. These companies also receive periodic publications about industry variables and trends.

The Home Furnishings and Accessories Strategies Club is managed by experts from the Strategy and Market Analysis department of AIDIMME with a wide experience in intelligence competitive systems and market projects for companies from the sector.

On November 29th another meeting of this Club was organized in Paterna (Valencia), Spain, where the MORPHEOS project was showcased.

Seventeen attendants from thirteen companies took part in the event: four board suppliers, varnish and fittings, five bathroom manufacturers, home, lighting and children furniture, two retail stores, and two business associations.